With piano lessons at The Piano Academy in New Marlborough, MA the joy of seeing your child learn, grow and achieve success in music may mark some of the proudest moments in your life, and in theirs. We recognize the great responsibility involved in the personal growth and development of your child.

Bay State Competition, Elayne ChenOur personalized and comprehensive educational piano lessons program is designed to expose your son or daughter to a wide range of musical experiences. From one-on-one, private piano instruction to lecture, ensemble playing, and thrilling live performances, your child's piano curriculum will be customized to nurture their unique needs, strengths, talents, and personal goals.

Piano professional Ms. Houry Schmeizl has dedicated over 20 years to developing the artistic abilities of her piano students. Under her guidance, students have earned many awards and honors including five first place trophies and cash prizes at the 2014 Crescendo International Competition (held in Carnegie Hall, NYC), and numerous top level awards at the Bay State Piano Competition (MA), the Audrey Thayer Piano Competition (Hartford, CT), and more. Ms. Schmeizl’s guidance has led to admission to the Julliard School - Preparatory Division.

With Ms. Schmeizl's individualized training programs, progress on piano is often rapid. She creates informal opportunities for students to perform for and with each other and the community at large to help develop a kinship with other artists and experience a range musical tastes and styles. Students of all ages and abilities quickly enjoy success and reach important personal milestones. They feel their talents emerging, impacting other areas of life from school to sports and beyond. Music becomes a lifelong joy and an instrument through which to experience the world.

We don't demand, push or require excellence – we inspire it, expect it and savor it.

You’ll savor it, too, as you notice subtle changes in your child. A pride in responsibility. Sharpened focus. Determination to succeed. Our teaching philosophy is dedicated to inspiring each and every student to achieve. It’s a sensitive yet disciplined approach to piano, structured not only to develop musical skill and technical artistry, but also to excite, to tap the natural talent longing for release. This is a nurturing environment where every student has a chance to soar.

Unleash your child's natural talent and revel in the glory of their achievements. Click here to contact The Piano Academy for piano lessons today.

 Learn more about Ms. Schmeizl's book, Reflections of my Childhood, a collection of traditional Armenian children's songs.

Reflections of my Childhood, a book of music by Houry Schmeizl

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