Videos and Photos

Ms. Schmeizl of Piano Academy in Simsbury, CT, creates opportunities for her students to perform and compete on a regular basis. Following are videos and photos of her piano students and her own performances. 

Athena Liu, CCA Recital, Chelmsford, MA, June 2014:

Elayne Chen at the 2014 Crescendo International Competition Winner's Recital at Carnegie Hall, Feb 8, 2014:

Jacqueline Schmeizl, Chopin, Nocturne in c# minor, audition for Piano Protege and Music Fest

Athena Liu, Crescendo International Competition Winner's Performance:

Jacqueline Schmeizl, end of year recital:

Audrey Thayer Piano Competition Winners Recital, Connecticut State Music Teachers Association, May 31, 2015:

Winners recital

Houry and her students:

Houry Schmeizl, Piano Academy at Simsbury

Houry and her students

Houry and her students

Houry and her students

Audrey Thayer Competition Winner

CCA recital

Piano Academy students

Houry Yapoujian Schmeizl and Arpineh Arakelian play Armenian Rhapsody at Rivers Conservatory:

Houry Yapoujian Schmeizl playing Kachatourian's Toccatta:

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